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The pictures below depict our dogs doing what they were bred and trained for - hunting!  These are some of the finest times we get to spend with these dogs we spend so much time training.

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2013-14 Season

2012-13 Season

2011-12 Season

2010-11 Season

Brian Courser's dog, Abby on an early goose hunt in September 07

Bret Vandenbil with a day's take!

Bret and Jack with some nice SD greenheads.

The whole crew after an evening hunt.

Another good day on the water!

Titus (Eidson) and Sonny (Vandenbil) hunting the late goose season!

Photo of Abby, Brian Courser's HRCH on a hunt in Isabella County. Not many ducks but a couple of pretty drake Woodies and a nice picture.

This group, led by Bob Gilchrist, headed to Iowa for a quail and pheasant hunt in early December, 2007. On the trip were Kristy Cusack and her dad.

Quail shot by Kristy Cusack at Safari Iowa hunt.

Kristy Cusack and her dad in Iowa.

Members hunting in SD

From Left:Steve Luter, Spook, Dewey Luter, Bret VandenBil, and Jack in South Dakota

Kristy and her dad in Iowa with Tiki, and, if you look closely, Alex is hiding behind Kristy with a mess o'birds!

A better shot where all the people, dogs, and birds are clearly visible! Looks like a great trip!

Steve Luter, Dewey Luter and Bret VandenBil after a successful S.Dakota duck hunt.

Eastin Jordan, Dewey Luter and Bret VandenBil in S. Dakota!

After a field hunt.

Gettin' on some geese!

Another successful afternoon hunt.

Steve Pittiglio's dog Patton waiting on some birds on Wahlpole Island.

Member and judge Cliff Venticinque and his 500 pt. dog Abbey doing what they were meant to be doing!

Steve Eidson and his dog, Timber on Timber's first hunt ever!

Another shot of Timber on his first hunt.

Several members hunted at Gleason's in Scottville for pheasants.

Treasurer Charlie Kitchel and his pup Jeep after a successful snow goose hunt!

Jeep with his first retrieve ever!

Jeep's second retrieve!

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