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Great Lakes offers a variety of events to its members throughout the year.  These vary from training days, to hunting trips, to picnics, etc.  This page is to help you see what we have to offer as a club on a regular basis. We are always looking, however, for ways to better meet the needs of our members. Please don't hesitate to make a suggestion if you think of something you'd like to see here! To see specific dates of upcoming events, you may also check out our Calendar Page.

Upcoming Events:

Upland Fun Hunt in Rodney, MI, 2018 9:00AM

What: Simulated Upland Hunt Test/Training Day AND Regular Hunt Test/Training Day!
When: Mar. 11, 2018 9:00AM
Where: Mike Saladine's Property in Rodney, MI (Click for Map)
RSVP: Please contact Chad Miller to let him know you are coming!
Cost: $5 per dog, maximum $10 (Plus bird fees. See below.)

Mike has a great piece of property where we can set up an Upland and a Regular test to run simultaneously, as long as we have enough people to man both. If not, we'll run one, then the other. This is a great opportunity to work on Upland skills to prepare for our upcoming test, and then go run some non-slip training to remind your dog that everything isn't willy-nilly running about the field!

We will be using live chukars for the Upland portion of this event. Each bird will cost $8. Typically, people will order 2-4 birds per dog, but you are welcome to order as many as you would like. Birds will be planted in the field just as they would in an HRC Upland test. Dogs will be asked to quarter the field, flush the bird, and gunners will shoot the bird. This is how HRC Upland Hunts typically work. Of course, if you would like to create a different training scenario for your dog due to different levels of readiness or different training goals, we'd be happy to accommodate that, as well!

If you don't plan to upland hunt or don't feel your dog is ready for this type of training, please feel free to attend with your dog just to run the regular test set ups, for exposure, or just to watch, anyway. Training days are one of the best parts of being in the club and are great opportunities to meet people, learn more about training methods, and socialize your dog to the hunting and hunt test environment!

Upland birds must be pre-ordered for this event, so that we have enough. In order to pay for your birds, please use our PayPal link below. You don't need to have a PayPal account and paying with a credit card will be one of the options when you check out. Please click the button below, then change the quantity on the check out page to reflect the number of birds you would like.

Live Chukars - $8 each

Annual Events:

Spring Regular Hunt Test
When: Mid-May
Where: 550 Snows Lake Rd. Fenwick, MI 48834

Our annual hunt test is our flagship event. This simulates a day afield hunting waterfowl and is sanctioned by the Hunting Retriever Club, Inc. Dogs will be tested on both land and water at three different levels of testing. For more information about these tests, please visit our Hunt Test Page.

Upland Hunt Test
When: Late March
Where: Wings and Rings Pheasant Hunting Preserve  (3365 146th Ave, Zeeland, MI 49464)

This test simulates a day of upland hunting. We usually use chukars or pheasants free planted and dogs must flush the birds as if they were upland hunting. On the flush, the dogs must demonstrate steadiness to wing and shot and retrieve the shot birds. We frequenly offer four tests in a weekend, allowing for the possibility of earning your dog's Upland Hunter title in a single weekend! For more information about these tests, please visit our Upland Hunt Test Page.

Club Picnic
When: June or July
Where: Location varies each year.

This is a social event where we meet to eat, play yard games, and basically socialize as a club. We vary the location and this is not a dog training event, but is a family event and always a great time with our club members.

Awards Banquet
When: Late January
Where: Brann's Steakhouse, 4157 Division Ave, South, Grand Rapids, MI

Another social event, the annual banquet is held in January to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of our members in the past year. After dinner, we hold a brief business meeting and then begin recognizing the titles earned during the year with trophy plaques and then hold a raffle for hunting and dog related equipment. This is another excellent opportunity to network with club members, renew old friendships, and share stories of our hunting and training seasons past.

Periodic Activities:

The following events are additional benefits of membership in GLHRC. While they don't all happen annually or on a schedule, we try to offer these events as frequently as possible and are always looking for suggestions for new ideas!

Fun Hunts

These events simulate a hunt test and frequenly feature set ups like you might see at a test. Setups are designed to be flexible enough to accommodate dogs at all levels of training or multiple setups may be offered. Sometimes ducks are used, other times bumpers. Usually, experienced members are on hand to advise newer handlers on training tips, handling advice, etc. These events are great for evaluating the progress of your training and for socializing your dog to performing around many other dogs and people.

Training Groups

One huge benefit of membership in the club is access to experienced trainers who've "been there, done that" and can advise you on how to train our dog. These training groups often form informally and develop into whatever the involved members want them to be. Access, though, to emails, phone numbers, and chances to meet other members make creating a group that meets your needs and fits your schedule possible.

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